For I was hungry, and you fed me.

I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink.

I was a stranger, and you welcomed me.

I needed clothes, and you gave me clothing.

I was sick, and you cared for me....



Our Work

Based in India, the Good News Center does incredible work that impacts an impressive number of people's lives and their communities


Our work is done through various outreaches, which include:

  • Operating a mobile medical clinic that provides quality healthcare services to some of the poorest areas

  • Working  weekly with more then 6,000 kids who live in slums

  • Providing 8 orphanages - experienced as loving homes - for abandoned children

  • Teaching viable work skills through our Sewing Schools for women and girls

  • Translating Scripture into a language spoken by 18 million people

  • Running programs focused on improving the lives of women and children

  • Assisting in the transition of women and girls out of a life of sex trafficking

... and much more - scroll down for more details and photos!

Mobile Medical Care

The Good News Center provides free, state-of-the art, medical care to the poor, targeting children, as well as women and men, in the poorest villages that have no medical facilities.

Children's Homes

More than 100 children call one of the eight GNC orphanages "home".  These kids come from difficult backgrounds of living on the streets, living in brothels, abandoned, abused, or otherwise in need of a loving home.

Kid's Clubs

Over 6,000 kids A WEEK attend one of the 88 Kid's Clubs that are held in some of the largest and poorest slum areas.

Scripture Distribution

Think of it. 18 million people. And they had never had the Scripture in their own language. GNC had them translated into the Sambalpuri language and now needs to print and distribute them.


JESUS FILM in Sambalpuri language

Working in partnership with the, GNC co-produced the Jesus Film in the Sambalpuri languge. This powerful movie touches both the literate and illiterate in their own, native language.

Slum Schools

Kids in the slums who have not been attending regular school are destined for a life of poverty. The slum schools that GNC runs help these kids get caught up so that they can enter regular schools, complete their education, which then leads to good jobs and lives.

Sewing Schools

Women have fewer options in India. GNC's Sewing Schools teach women a viable skill that they can use to earn a living for themselves and their familes - giving them an option other than working the streets to earn a living.

Women Literacy

Women living in slum areas, who never learned to read and write, are taught these important, foundational skills to the point they can successfully pass literacy tests.


Good News Center's orphanages got started with two abandoned little girls - they were about four and six years-old and were living on the streets, eating spoiled food from the garbage, and sleeping on the ground.


These two girls were given a loving family in GNC's Bethleham Children's Home; they have "parents", "siblings", attend school, and are encouraged and loved as daughters in every regard.

Look at the transformation of Reshma*, from that six-year-old, pictured on the left, into this incredibly beautiful, intelligent young lady, shown on the right, who speaks 2 languages fluently and whose excellence in her studies earned her acceptance into - and she is now attending - one of India's most exclusive nursing schools.

You can be a partner in someone's transformation!

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* Name changed for privacy



There are over 100 children in GNC's eight orphanages.


These orphanages truly are loving homes, rather than being institutions, thus they are called Children's Homes.


And while it is a great privilege and joy to provide homes to kids in need, and to witness their incredible transformations (see One Story for one example), it does - as you are no doubt well aware - require finances.

These are just some of the kids who are now thriving in our Children's Homes - your donation will help provide their essential needs.



Daniel and Eunice Kumar,  Founder of Good News Center in India.

Daniel  and Eunice Kumar



The Good News Center (GNC), a Non-Government Organization, was established in 1996 by Daniel Kumar. Since then, Daniel and his wife, Euince, work continuously to keep the focus of all GNC work on the core vision of improving society one life at a time, while actively engaging as many volunteers and children as possible.


Wrapped in its slogan, CHANGING LIVES, TRANSFORMING COMMUNITIES, GNC's vision is to see an immediate and ongoing positive change in the education, health, and welfare of communities by focusing on the needs and futures of individuals who are underprivileged, destitute, illiterate and economically challenged.

GNC's passion is to initiate the changes in lives and communities by empowering individuals, especially women and children, with the tools of literacy, social skills, health, hygiene, social awareness, and basic job skills through education, children's homes for the destitute, abandoned, or orphaned children, medical care, and neighborhood clubs.


There were 2 abandoned little girls...

One was about 4 years old, her sister was about 6 years old. They were living alone on the street, filthy, eating from the garbage, their hair matted down, without adequate clothing. The Good News Center gave them a loving home.

Giving these 2 young girls a loving home expanded the social and community transformation work of the Good News Center.  Since then, GNC has further expanded from the humble beginnings of Bethlehem Home, where the two rescued girls grew up, to 8 children's homes, 3 primary schools, 1 remedial education center, and over 75 neighborhood Kid's Clubs, which has over 6,000 children attending every WEEK

​Good News Center, Inc. is a registered non-profit 501c3 with the United States and all gifts are tax-deductible



From wherever you are in the world, you can impact people's lives and help transform communities with your generous donations.
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Steady partnerships, with monthly or annual donations, have an enormously beneficial impact and ensures sustainable aid where it's needed most.
GNC"s Healthcare Services.
Healthcare Services
Quality healthcare to some of the youngest and poorest.
GNC's Delhi Boy's Home.
Delhi Boys Home
Help construct a desperately needed Boy's Home.
GNC Children's Homes
Children's Homes
Help give a loving home to orphaned, abandoned, or abused children.
Partner to show the JESUS film to hundreds of villages.
GNC's Slum Schools.
Slum Schools
Help break the cycle of poverty with schools for children living in slum areas.
Scripture Distribution
Help distribute the Scriptures to a language-group of 18 million who never had them available in their native language.
GNC's Kid's Clubs.
Kid's Clubs
Have an impact on 6,000 kids a week in some of India's worst slums.


GNC's Wome 2 Women empowerment programs.
Women 2 Women
Help empower women in a culture still struggling with abuse against females.
GNC's Sewing Schools.
Sewing Schools
Partner to give women a viable way to earn a living. These schools help some women transition out of the sex trade.