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Mobile Medical Care

Changing lives transforming communities

The Good News Center provides free, state-of-the art, medical care to the poor, targeting children, as well as women and men, in the poorest villages that have no medical facilities.

Children's Homes

More than 100 children call one of the eight GNC orphanages "home".  These kids come from difficult backgrounds of living on the streets, living in brothels, abandoned, abused, or otherwise in need of a loving home.

Home Project1

Kid's Clubs

Over 6,000 kids A WEEK attend one of the 88 Kid's Clubs that are held in some of the largest and poorest slum areas.

Scripture Distribution

Think of it. 18 million people. And they had never had the Scripture in their own language. GNC had them translated into the Sambalpuri language and now needs to print and distribute them.

Jesus Film in Sambalpuri language

Working in partnership with the, GNC co-produced the Jesus Film in the Sambalpuri languge. This powerful movie touches both the literate and illiterate in their own, native language.

Slum Schools

Kids in the slums who have not been attending regular school are destined for a life of poverty. The slum schools that GNC runs help these kids get caught up so that they can enter regular schools, complete their education, which then leads to good jobs and lives.

Sewing Schools

Women have fewer options in India. GNC's Sewing Schools teach women a viable skill that they can use to earn a living for themselves and their familes - giving them an option other than working the streets to earn a living.

Women living in slum areas, who never learned to read and write, are taught these important, foundational skills to the point they can successfully pass literacy tests.

Women Literacy

Training (2).jpeg


GNC conducts many training programs in different parts of India.

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