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Slum Schools

Second Chance via Slum Schools

There are kids who live in one of India's vast slum areas who, for various reasons - abuse, living on the streets, abandonment, trying to earn money for food - have not been attending regular school and so they fall behind. Without getting an education, they are destined for a life of poverty and susceptible to trafficking and drugs.


The Good News Center wants to help break the cycle of poverty and give these kids a second chance to succeed in life!


The Good News Center provides free meals, backpacks, uniforms, and school supplies, as well as free education. They work with the kids to raise their knowledge and skill level in order for them to be eligible to join a regular school. At that point, GNC assists the child to transition into a regular school. These kids then have the opportunity to pursue higher education and good-paying jobs, thus escaping the slums, improving their lives, their families, and ultimately their communities.

Please consider partnering with the Good News Center in supporting the Slum Schools.

You can make a tangible impact from wherever you are in the world just by donating - become a partner with the Good News Center!  Please click here to donate.


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