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Mobile Medical Care

State-of-the-art Medical Services

Over 4,000 children, women, and men have received medical attention since the Good News Center's mobile Healthcare Services became operational at the beginning of 2016.


The Mobile Health Clinic  provides access to free, high-quality medical care to those who live in eight village clusters located in one of the poorest areas of Northern India. Designed to be a rolling doctor's office, the mobile clinic is even equipped with lab and x-ray equipment. With a staff of doctors, nurses, and administrative staff, the Mobile Clinic provides medical services, healthcare screenings, preventative treatment and training, as well as the  prescribed medicines.

Medical care improves lives - of each patient, their family, and the entire community. The provision of free, high-quality healthcare services also brings us favor, a voice, and the opportunity to be a positive influence in the communities.

Women's Healthcare

Many women around the world prefer to be seen by a female doctor for ob-gyn care. In countries of high women-modesty, like India, this is especially true, to the degree that many women would choose not to receive ob-gyn care at all rather than be treated by a male doctor. Aware of this, the GNC recently applied for and received a grant to provide for a separate but complimentary women's healthcare service, with a focus on expectant mothers.

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