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Scripture Distribution

In their own language

There are approximately 18 million people in India who speak Sambalpuri as their first language - and for many, it is their only language. Living primarily in Western Orissa, they had never before had the Scriptures in their native language. The Good News Center worked with experts to translate the Scripture into Sambalpuri. Now that they are translated, we need to get them into the hands of the people.


Goal for 2018 Christmas Season

The goal for this 2018 Christmas season is to print and distribute 100,000 copies of the Sambalpuri-language Scriptures. It costs $1.62 to print and distribute one copy of the New Testament. To meet our goal, $162,000 is needed as soon as possible to allow for the printing and distribution process time required in order to get the Scriptures into the people's hands.

Please consider partnering with the Good News Center to support Scripture Printing and Distribution.

You can make a tangible impact from wherever you are in the world just by donating - become a partner with the Good News Center! Please click here to donate.

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