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The Good News Center (GNC), a Non-Government Organization, was established in 1996 by Daniel Kumar. Since then, Daniel and his wife, Eunice, work continuously to keep the focus of all GNC work on the core vision of improving society one life at a time, while actively engaging as many volunteers and children as possible.

Wrapped in its slogan, CHANGING LIVES, TRANSFORMING COMMUNITIES, GNC's vision is to see an immediate and ongoing positive change in the education, health, and welfare of communities by focusing on the needs and futures of individuals who are underprivileged, destitute, illiterate and economically challenged.

GNC's passion is to initiate the changes in lives and communities by empowering individuals, especially women and children, with the tools of literacy, social skills, health, hygiene, social awareness, and basic job skills through education, children's homes for the destitute, abandoned, or orphaned children, medical care, and neighborhood clubs.

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